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What is the benefit of giving my closet to rent ?

You earn 25% of the rental price each time your outfit is rented without making any effort and you are 100% insured against damages on your item. 

25% go to LGR and 50% cover the cleaning, shipping and insurance of your items.

How long last the deposit of an item ?

We take on rent items for a year minimum.

After a year, you can get your item returned by post or you can reconduct the deposit for another year if both parties agree (LGR and owner).

What kind of items do you accept to rent ?

We enjoy offering a trendy selection of branded items, in very good condition and from relatively recent collections.

For now, we collect clutches, dresses, jumpsuits and shoes. All sizes are accepted !

Purchase price should be at least 400 CHF.

What are the steps to rent out my items ?

Go to "Rent out my wardrobe" section of the menu and follow the steps. We will review your deposit form within 48h.

If your outfit is accepted, you will receive a deposit contract with our offer (rental/caution).

If you agree, we send you a prepaid postage label to ship us your item. 

Where are stored the items I rent out ?

Your beautiful outfits are stored in our office for a year !

We picture them as soon as we receive them by post so we can quickly list them on our website. 

What if my items are damaged ?

First of all, be aware that our community really takes care of our precious clothes ! 

In the case of a major damage on your item, you get reimbursed the whole amount of the caution we fixed together in your deposit contract.


What if I notice my item is damaged once returned to me ?

You have 48h to contact us by mail or phone to let us know about the damages on your item that are not matching the initial condition.

Natural wear is not covered. In fact, when you rent out your item, you accept that this item will be worn many times. 

How can i know my item is rented ?

You receive an email to let you know about your commission once your item is rented & returned.

Request cash transfer on your user profile. Money is available on your bank account within the following 14 days.