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How to rent an outfit ?

Select up to 3 outfits  Select up to 3 outfits (accessories not included ) to try at home for only 20 CHF. After your box is delivered, you have 24h to try the selection and return it in its prepaid box. You liked one of the outfit and want to book it for your event ? Easy, go back on the product page and book it for 4, 8 or 12 days, up to you ! The rental price includes cleaning, shipping and insurance for small damages ! There is no extra costs.


You receive your outfit in a LGR box by post the 1st day of the rental period (book your outfit 1 or 2 days before your event to avoid any shipping delay issues). Now, enjoy your outfit for 4,8 or 12 days ! Don't worry about anything but enjoying !

 3. WEAR

Each item is delivered with a protection sticker on it and a description sheet of the item condition. We make sure to put on rent items in very good condition. 


In my box, I have my order, a note explaining our concept, a prepaid postage label to be used to return the item the last day of the rental period. Don't be late to return the item, another renter might need it too :)

Who should clean the outfit ?

La Garde-Robe is a service !

We take care of everything including cleaning the outfits. We work with the best cleaning services to make sure your items get shipped in perfect condition!

The cost of cleaning is ALWAYS included in our prices meaning you have no extra cost !

How far in advance should I book my outfit ?

You can book when you want: months or days before your event ! Dont be shy, some of our items are booked months in advance !

For the latecomers, you can rent last minute. For an additional 20 CHF you can be delivered next day + Saturdays. Reach us directly if you are very last minute :).

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Rent out an item
What is the benefit of giving my closet to rent ?

You earn 25% of the rental price each time your outfit is rented without making any effort and you are 100% insured against damages on your item. 

25% go to LGR and 50% cover the cleaning, shipping and insurance of your items.

How long last the deposit of an item ?

We take on rent items for a year minimum.

After a year, you can get your item returned by post or you can reconduct the deposit for another year if both parties agree (LGR and owner).

What kind of items do you accept to rent ?

We enjoy offering a trendy selection of branded items, in very good condition and from relatively recent collections.

For now, we collect clutches, dresses, jumpsuits and shoes. All sizes are accepted !

Purchase price should be at least 400 CHF.

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Delivery & Return
What are the different shipping options ?

We work with post priority !

When do I receive my outfit and when should i return it ?

You receive your outfit the first day of the rental period in your order and you have to drop it at the post office the last days of the rental period before 4 pm.

Any delay in returning the item will cost you daily penalties according to our general terms and conditions.

What if I live outside Switzerland ?

For now, we only operate in Switzerland

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Payment & caution
What are the payment methods online ?

Credit cards only

In which case the caution is taken ?

Two cases :

- The rented item is never returned to LGR. 

- The rented item is seriously damaged and despite our efforts to restore it, the item is not rentable anymore. 

Why do you need my credit card information ?

We make a pre-authorisation only without storing your credit card details. It is a guarantee to make sure you will return the item at the end of the rental period.

The whole process is managed by Stripe company.

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